Submarine Caucus

Chair Congressman Joe Courtney


The bipartisan Congressional Submarine Caucus was founded to raise public and congressional awareness about the importance of submarines to our national security, as well as to work with the Department of Defense, industry and Congress to support their continued role in our military.

The Caucus advocates for robust investment in our submarine force through continued procurement of two Virginia class submarines a year to address looming force structure shortfalls, as well as the development and construction of the replacement of our aging fleet of Ohio-class SSBNs.  In addition, the Caucus supports investment in critical research and development efforts on initiative such as the Virginia Payload Module (VPM), which would ensure that future submarines are able to support a variety of payloads to provide a flexible and effective range of capabilities to future military commanders.

And, as importantly, the Congressional Submarine Caucus ties together the nationwide network of suppliers that support our submarine force – nearly 4,000 firms in 47 states.  This industrial base is made up of thousands of high skill and high value jobs that help drive our economy. From large shipyards to small manufacturing shops, it is our submarine industrial base that is helping produce new submarines faster, with improved capabilities, and under budget.